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• 10/24/2016

If The RP Wasn't A Dream - Part 46

Title says it all
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• 10/24/2016

Lukas K: Goodbye Petra. Don't ever return. [Slams door in her face]

Jimbob: Dumped?

Lukas K: Dumped.

Jimbob: Why again?

Lukas K: I found an even better girl.

Jimbob: Name?

Lukas K: Pamela Tyson. Or just Pam.

Jimbob: Good for you.

Lukas K: She was a girl from High School. Apparently we had three kids together, but I didn't even know!

Jimbob: Haha.


Ellegaard: Lukas, I'm hungry.

Lukas: We need to wait for the guests.

Ellegaard: What guests?

[Knock at the door]

Lukas K: Ding dong!

Lukas: [opens door]

Lukas K: Hey guy with the same name as me.

Lukas: Hey.

Lukas K: Have I introduced you to my new girlfriend and our three kids, Jesse, Aiden, and Olivia?

Lukas: No.

Ellegaard: Hello.

Lukas K: [tackles her to the ground] HEY! GIMME THE "EGAARD" PART OF MY NAME BACK!

Ellegaard: What?

Lukas K: Hahaha! I'm just joking.

Ellegaard: Oh.

Lukas: Dinner will be ready soon.

Ellegaard: Who's this? [points at Jesse]

Jesse: My name is Jesse.

Ellegaard: [gives him a hug] Hello Jesse!

Aiden: What about me? No one ever wants to hug me!

Olivia: Because you're smelly, dirty, and unhygienic!

Aiden: Shut up Liv!

Ellegaard: How old are they?

Pam: They're 10 now.

Lukas K: Yeah. And they know too much for their age. In a gold way, that is.

Ellegaard: How old are YOU?

Lukas K: 27.

Ellegaard: You're 27 and are the father of three 10 year olds?

Lukas K: Shut up.

• 11/6/2016

[Dinner is ready]

[Lukas gets a phone call]

Lukas: Hello, Mom. You want me to come over? Tonight? Hang on a sec. Ellegaard, my mom wants to see me tonight. Wanna come?

Ellegaard: Of course!

Lukas: Okay! Mom, I'm coming tonight, and I'm bringing a girl over. Yes. Yes mom, I'm bringing a girl over. Okay. Bye. [hangs up]

[After dinner]

Lukas K: Gonna go now.

[Lukas K, Pam, Jesse, Aiden and Olivia leave]

Lukas: Come on.

[They arrive at Lukas's house]

• 1/21/2017

[Lukas rings the doorbell]

[His mom answers]

Lukas' mom: Hello!

Lukas: Hi, mom.

Lukas' mom: And who are you?

Lukas: This is Ellegaard.

[Lukas K rushes over]


[Lukas K pulls his pants down, exposing Lukas' genitals, and then runs off]

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