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• 3/16/2017

MCSMRP Bonuses - Axel and Olivia's Story

I'm doing multiple bonuses at once btw. Adds some variety.
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• 3/23/2017

Axel: It's been a year since we went into space in a dome.

Olivia: I know. I can't believe it.

Axel: I think we need a job.

[Axel searches the Daily Sign and finds an ad for a babysitting service]

Axel: The only job in the paper is babysitting.

Olivia: Let's give it a shot!

[They go to the address: Gerald answers]

Axel: We're here for the job.

Gerald: Okay, come on in!

[Olivia comes in; Axel can't fit through]

Gerald: There's a trapdoor over there with a secret passageway into the dining room.

[Axel takes the trapdoor route]

Gerald: Butters, your babysitters are here! Now, as a lawyer, there is a legal requirement where I make sure you're not killers. I need a blood, urine and saliva sample. I will run a test. If my machine explodes, you're a murderer or rapist, if it doesn't, you got the job.

[Gerald does the procedure]

Gerald: Okay, come with me, you're coming to court.

Axel: Hey! We haven't killed! We're good guys!

Gerald: I know, I'm just playing. I'll still need to check your record.

[Their records come up clean]

Gerald: I'n happy to say that you got the job.

Axel: Yeah!

Gerald: By the way, you should get tested. The urine sample turned blue when I added Liquid Nitrogen.

Axel: What are you trying to say?

Gerald: Look it up.

Axel: Oh.

Gerald: Excuse me, we need to go on another mission.

Axel: Hey, remember that time we went into space in a dome and Ellegaard died?

Gerald: [pauses] Yeah, that was a year ago.

Sharon: Butters, we're going now. Stay with your babysitters.

Butters: Okay, mom!

[They leave]

Axel: What does he mean, "get tested"?

Butters: Tested for what?

Axel: Oh, nothing.

Butters: My dad said, if your pee turns blue when it's mixed with nitrogen, it means you're pregnant!

[They both look shocked]

Butters: ...

Axel: AAAH! [runs through the door, creating a massive hole]

Gerald: [in the distance] You're paying for that!

Axel: What the...

• 3/25/2017

[They go into the kitchen with Butters and see Jessie]

Axel: Uhh, isn't that Jesse's bratty daughter?

Olivia: I think so.

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