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Order of the Command Block
• 6/5/2017

Gerald's Story Part 4 - Thicker Than Water

Jesse becomes a villain.
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Order of the Command Block
• 6/7/2017

Narrator: *Sees the two get kicked out and laughs*

Order: I hope they still have the cash...

Narrator: They probably do. Don't worry.

Order: And to be clear, I'm not worried about JESSE. I'm worried about the kid.

Narrator: And that's because...

Order: ...I don't know. *They both keep walking*

• 6/7/2017

Jessie: Dady, I'm hungwy.

Jesse: If you want nice things then go and get a job!

Jessie: Bwut I'm onwy two!

Jesse: Then no feeding time for you!

(Jessie opens the buffel bag and eats an energy bar)

Jessie: Mwore!

(Tries to get another one but Jesse slaps her)


(Gerald and Ava watch them fight)

Gerald: Should we just give everything to the daughter?

Ava: (walks over to them) What are you doing?

Jesse: Oh nothing.

Ava: We can see you fighting, you know!

Jesse: She tried to eat my rations!

Gerald: Keep fighting and everything will go to your girl. (Gives Jessie some money) You're being a good girl compared to three months ago.

Jessie: Fwank you!

(Gerald and Ava walk away)

Jesse: Gimme the cash! (Punches Jesse and pitpockets her; Gerald catches him and takes Jessie away)

Jessie: Bwut I nweed the fwood!

Gerald: We're finding you a home.

Jesse: Gimme my daughter back! (Goes to punch Gerald but Ava knocks him down)

Ava: I told you not to screw this up.

(They walk off)

• 6/7/2017

Narrator: *Seemingly comes out of nowhere but he's just really fast and has good hearing :P* Good job. *Heavy sarcasm* To be honest, I think you deserve this. You are being a complete jerk to your child, you tried to kill Gerald that one time, and you made Order upset. *Glares at Jess*

Narrator: I'm just here to say, "don't mess with them again". *Starts going in the direction of Gerald and Ava to make sure Jessie is OK*

• 6/7/2017

Jessie: Dwady hat me!

• 6/7/2017

Narrator: Gerald and Ava are gonna take you someplace safer, OK? It will get better.

• 6/7/2017

(Jesse sneaks him them, grabs Jessie, and runs)

Gerald: Hey! (Runs after him)

• 6/7/2017

(Gerald grabs Jessie)

Jessie: Dwady, why yo hat me?

Jesse: Because your stupid! I'm gonna hit you!

Gerald: You touch her, and you're dead meat.

(Gerald walks off)

Jessie: Wer will I stway?

Gerald: My friend Ava has always wanted a child. A nice little girl like you.

Ava: I won't be able to afford it!

Gerald: Us at work will support you.

Ava: Okay. I'll adopt her.

Gerald: Come with me and you can sign the papers.

(They go to Gerald's house)

Bebe: Daddy, what's Jessie doing here?

Gerald: I found the cause of her problems, sweetie. She had a terrible father. My friend Ava is signing the adoption papers.

Ava: Finished them.

Gerald: Okay. She's yours now.

Jessie: You my weal mwomy!

Ava: Yeah.

Gerald: Go on. Spend your first day as mother and daughter. You earned that paid day off.

Ava: Thanks.

(She leaves with Jessie)

Gerald: That's it, now. Jessie will hopefully have a good life with a new family. Jesse abused her. She's safe, now.

• 6/7/2017

(Narrator and Order are at their house now)

Order: So... they got her adopted?

Narrator: I didn't stay forever, but that's what they were planning.

Order: That's good.

Narrator: *Long pause* You're still worried about Kyle, aren't you.

Order: ...

Narrator: Knew it. *Leaves*

• 6/7/2017
Kyle: I know that Order was gonna try to give me up. But I just knew that Gerald would find a way out of it. I'm not gonna stay mad at anyone. At least we got our happy ending.
• 6/7/2017
Order: Hurray for happy endings?
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