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Order of the Command Block
• 6/8/2017

Gerald's Story Part 5 - From The Gallows

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Order of the Command Block
• 6/30/2017

Narrator: *Rocketing down the street with Order in tow* I saw it, Order.

Order: I don't doubt you! Where'd the car go?!

Narrator: Follow me! *Finally sees Gerald up ahead* He's been following them, so he should know where they were taken.

Order: *Speeds up a bit* GERALD! DO YOU NEED BACKUP?! *Shouts*

• 6/30/2017

Gerald: Yeah! C'mon!

[6 hours later]

Gerald: Oh, God!

(The car has crashed and a group of zombies are by it)

Gerald: No!

(He runs over and sees Sharon's dead body; she has a hole in her head and she looks like she turned into a zombie)

Gerald: Oh, God, Sharon!

(He looks around and sees Butters, covered in blood and extremely pale; he has lost a lot of health and is down to half a heart)

Gerald: Gabriel!

Butters: Dad... Where's... Bebe?

Gerald: She's safe, buddy.

Butters: Where's... Mariana?

Gerald: I don't know.

Butters: She went to get help. You have to find her.

Gerald: We'll find her, buddy. But right now, you need medical help.

(Ava finds Gerald with Jessie in her hands)

Butters: Ava... Have you seen Mariana?

Ava: No!

Gerald: Ava, stay with Butters. I'll go look for Mariana.

• 6/30/2017

Narrator: *Already been out looking for Maariana* MARIANA! Are you out there?!

Order: *Searching in another area*

• 7/1/2017

Gerald: (Finds Mariana; she's unconscious, very pale, and covered in blood)

• 7/6/2017

Gerald: Oh, God, Mari!

Mariana: (Coughs) Dad?

Gerald: Are you okay?

Mariana: I'm fine. Where's mom?

Gerald: The zombies got her!

Mariana: What? Is she okay?

Gerald: She's...

• 7/7/2017

Narrator: *Comes over with Order* She's dead.

Order: Harsh!

Narrator: We'll there's no use sugarcoating it!

• 7/7/2017

(3 weeks later)

(Gerald and the others have built a memorial wall; photos of Ellegaard, Sharon, Oval, Jesse, and Magnus appear on it)

• 7/9/2017

Order: *stares at the wall* ...

• 7/12/2017

Gerald: (Looks outside Prescott gates) Guys, prepare yourself for another zombie attack...

• 7/12/2017

[Episode 5: From The Gallows]

  • You destroyed Jesse's skull.
  • Order told Gerald to kill Jesse, but Kyle and Mariana convinced him not to.
  • When Sharon left you, all your kids stayed with you.
  • You told Ava you wanted to start a relationship with her.
  • You chased after Sharon.
  • Sharon took all three kids, but Sharon didn't survive the journey.
  • You built a memorial wall with photos of Ellie, Sharon, Oval, Jesse, and Magnus on it.
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